Getting started with your migration

One of the challenges with cloud migration is that you’re solving a puzzle with multiple pieces. In addition to a number of workloads you could migrate, you’re also solving for challenges you’re facing, the use cases driving you to migrate, and the benefits you’re looking to gain. Each organization’s puzzle will likely get solved in their own unique way, but thankfully there is plenty of guidance on how you can migrate common workloads in successful ways.

In addition to working directly with our Rapid Assessment and Migration Program (RAMP), we also offer a plethora of self-service guides to help you succeed! Some of these guides, which we’ll cover below, are designed to help you identify the best ways to migrate, which include meeting common organizational goals like minimizing time and risk during your migration, identifying the most enterprise-grade infrastructure for your workloads, picking a cloud that aligns with your organization’s sustainability goals, and more:

Which workloads are you moving?

In addition to the guides above which help you through your end-to-end migration, it’s also important to understand the specific workloads you’ve got on-premises (or in other clouds). Each workload has their own unique nuances — what works for one might not work perfectly for another. This is where leveraging the expertise of our RAMP team is crucial, and why we have lots of migration guides for specific workloads and end-states. For each workload, we’re highlighting a few guides that we think could be most helpful, but you can also click each topic to learn more or find more guides.







Data Warehouses

Take the next step

When it comes to migration, we’re committed to meet every organization where they are. We fully understand the nuances and challenges of cloud migration, and at Google Cloud we have one singular goal: to help you realize true business value through your cloud migrations.

Visit our Migration Architecture Center to find even more guides to use during your migration, or if you’re looking to dive a little deeper into planning, sign up for a free discovery and assessment of your existing IT landscape.

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